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Creating the right environment

Strategy first

Innovation should start with determining what to invest in and what not to invest in, and aligning your innovation tactics accordingly. Successfully managing initiatives often depends on a clear and aligned strategy. Therefore we prefer to start at the beginning; your horizon.

People at the heart

Innovation is not about investing large sums of money into great ideas. It is about creating an organisational culture where people can both successfully search for new business models as well as execute on existing ones. Our focus is on your people, because in the long run, they will make or break the success of your innovation.

Our approach

A timewalk to innovation

There’s no single solution for making innovation succeed. Together with your people, we will define what innovation means to your organisation, how you can best capture and manage initiatives, and how to make these actionable.

Our three level approach to innovation:

Tactical level


2. Look

How to manage innovation?

Based on your strategic decisions a framework needs to be in place to manage your innovation portfolio. This framework will facilitate the selection of initiatives in which to invest or stop investing. Ultimately, it is a process that tells you how to manage innovation and make informed decisions.

Operational level


3. Go

How to do innovation?

We bring active training, mentoring and coaching that ensures successful roll out of the Innovation Framework. We will help you select initiatives, coach your Innovation Managers or be your Innovation Manager as a service. We will ensure that you do innovation efficiently and at speed.

Strategic level


1. Stop

How to set up innovation strategically?

First we will determine your innovation scope. This scope is based on your company’s view on; where the world is heading and how you plan to use innovation to respond. It dictates what the organisation should invest in and what not to invest in.

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Wondering how this applies to your organisation?

Our approach

Common innovation challenges

It is easy to prioritise innovation in an annual report. However, it is not easy to integrate it into the parts of the organisation where it matters most. We have listed the most essential components of an organisation that either block or accelerate innovation. These are the components that we can help you with, depending on your needs. Think of us as your external innovation manager, as a service.

Your company


How do we translate the (global) corporate strategy to an innovation strategy? What will we invest in and what will we not invest in?


How do we combine the current working ethos with a new entrepreneurial ethos? How do we get people to share their ideas?


How does our governance facilitate innovation? Who is responsible for what part of innovation?


How do we manage innovation initiatives and take them from idea to (in)validated product?

Skills & knowledge

What skills are we missing and which are left unused? What knowledge is available and which should we source?


What resources should we make available and when? How and why do we fund projects? And how do we dedicate sufficient time for innovation?


Where do we base our success on? And how do we account for progress?

Existing business

How do we balance execution on our existing business with the continuous search for new business?

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About us

A longlasting partnership

Timewalk is a partnership between experts in corporate innovation consultancy and digital product & process development. Combining these forces enables us to approach innovation from a strategic as well as design thinking perspective.

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Cathelijn van Haaren

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Otto Freijser


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Lysanne van der Voort

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Ties Goossens

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Design Thinking Defined

by Tim Brown

Why we love this article

Design Thinking in innovation is: “a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer's toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success,” - Tim Brown. By using design thinking we can make decisions based on what your customers really want instead of basing decisions on historical data or hypothetical projections.

Good reads

Inspiring books and articles

The way we think, design and innovate is based on proven methodologies.

Lean Innovation Management – Making Corporate Innovation Work.

by Steve Blank

Why we love this book

Lean startup models and theories are unfit to copy-paste to a corporate environment. The two notions we have adopted are: the Ambidextrous organisation - an organisation that both needs to execute on current business models as well as search for new - and the Three Horizon model - the different type of innovations that take place in corporate environments.

Kickstart corporate innovation by building a minimum viable ecosystem

by Esther Gons

Why we love this article

“An ecosystem is needed to foster innovation company-wide, with the right governance in the right places, and multiple ways to do innovation” - Esther Gons. We also think of all of the corporate innovation efforts, challenges and achievements as part of a larger ecosystem.

The Corporate Startup

by Dan Toma

Why we love this book

This book tackles the innovation paradox, linking back to our Ambidextrous Organisation; how can a large company both execute on current business as well as search for new business. We use various tools and insights from this book for developing, managing and integrating innovation in large organisations.


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